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Babylon Translator?

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Have any of you guys used a translator before? This is cool! I can translate to quite a few languages and back to english. You should try it. :D


You should try this program, you can DL it from RS. You will have to copy and paste this into your address bar.



Try and translate this:


su perro lleva tu ropa interior. :lol:



votre chien porte votre linge de corps.



Ihr Hund tr

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Convert an english sentance or phrase into Chinese, Chinese into french, French into Italian, Italian into Spanish and Spanish back into English... good fum!


Ok..lol Here we go. I will start with your siggy Mike. :lol:

Originally Posted by phatdave

Easy with the old guy shit.I'm old enough to be most of youse guys dad...and I might be, who knows. I could have met your MAMAS in my time.


English to chinese:

原先公布的phatdave容易shit.i我听说过最youse男性的爸爸......我可能是,谁知道。 我可以在会见你妈妈,我的时间。


Chinese to French:

(ii) Contributions 倠 湩 pollution

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