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710 race car


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13x7 wheels, 205/60/13 DOT race tires. Cut down leaf springs on spherical bearings, along with rear coilovers, Panhard bar, and a center link. LSD h165 for now, but planning on building a h190 as the 165 keeps breaking. Probably going to a Watts link set up for the h190.

A live axle will never handle like an irs, it can be just as good, but will be different since you can't put much negative camber in it.

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Got a request for updated pics and info. I sold the Formula Ford this winter, so its all Datsun racing this season. I co-drove the Race Wagoon for the 2 hour Vintage Enduro at Willow Springs in March, then got the  710 out for the Buttonwillow race in April. Its been two years since I bought this car and seems like it's finally coming around  B)  The rebuild of the l20b last year left me with reliable front-third of the pack power. Running a 4.88 LSD h165 with a 0.90 OD 5-speed for now. Chassis and brakes tweaking continue but getting better each time out. Safety equipment got an updating and upgrading, and I'm still digging the new paint scheme. Hope to get it back out a couple more times this summer...

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Its a 510 BRE spook spoiler, cut in the middle and widened a few inches with a patch. Look closely under the "TS" of the DATSUN.

If I have my story right, it was originally done by Patrick at the 510 Parts Outlet, since modified a bit further to work a little better.

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