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1200 wheel refurb project


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I got some faux Panasports a while back and finally got around to refinishing them. The textured paint on them was messed up and I couldn't remove it with ANYTHING I tried.


Because I am a cheap bastard, I didn't want to pay someone to polish or buff out these wheels, so I used some PPG high build primer to fill in the textured areas, then painted them with real catalyzed paint, (no rattle cans) and clear coated them.


I was going to color sand and buff the paint out, but the paint and clear flowed out so nicely, I'm leaving them as is.


The problem is, they are going to look TOO nice for my crappy little 1200 now :eek:



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hey what are you doing with your mesh rims?


I'm keeping them for the time being. The Enkei's are 13's and they fit perfectly on the 1200. The faux-Panas are 14x6 and I need a very thin spacer to keep them from hitting the front calipers, and I'm not real hip on the spacer thing.


I'm looking for another Datto and something a bit more exotic ie: RHD, NL320 and I am considering taking a vacation to Oz and maybe picking something up there, so the faux Panasports may be a better fit on my next Datto.


Toyo doesn't make the 195-40/14's anymore. They only have the 195-45/14's now. I don't think it'll be a problem on the 1200. At least I hope not, anyway. I should have them on for JCCS. We'll see.


The faded original paint on the 1200 with fresh wheels and tires might not be the look I'm going for just yet...

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