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Guest jaimesix

I do not understand why, but all the Datsun books I have avoid telling the fusible link's specs.


I got a used one of a junk car. If you want to make your own, best bet iss to call the dealer and asking them. Talk to parts and ask them, they can check in their micro files.



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You can buy fusible links at most auto parts stores. The size is based on wire gauge. They are designed more to protect from the long, slow load than instaneous loads.


When you buy a new pos batt cable.....if you get one with the small wire connected to the main term with the big wire......the little one is a fusible link.


This ought to help some :)



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Ye olde 1973 Datsun 610 service manual calls out for two different ratings:


Brown 0.3 sq. mm. (0.0005 sq. in.) 11A Continuous Current Max Current (fuse melts within 5 sec) Approx 60A


Red 0.85 sq. mm. (0.0013 sq. in.) 26A Continuous Current Max Current (fuse melts within 5 sec) Approx 250A

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