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swapping cams


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Is is worth swapping cams from an L20B smog head to an open chamber non-ported A87... The engine is a low compression L20B bored 40 over built for a turbo that will be running about 5 PSI. Will be running a 32/36 Weber (maybe) as well. Have everything about done except for the cam.

Any ideas?



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Get a caliper and measure a cam lobe from the highest point to the lowest on the back side. You should be able to turn the cam over so it's not on a lifter, say 9 or 3 o'clock and measure across it. An L20B will be 1.518" +- a thou or two.



If you do swap, swap everything, rockers, and lash pads to preserve geometry.

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the l16 cam has less lift and duration inless it is a sss head. a a87 is not a sss head. now a stock l20b cam is the same as a sss cam


Not saying no. Just that I heard the lift was 0.418", the L20B is 0.413" Who would feel that?

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