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Danfivetens 610

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Just got her today, 2k, this weekend (if im feeling better i still feel like total shit after my er visit :(  ) i got doors to pick up, fenders that are sanded, fresh sanded hood, valance, all sorts of stuff to make her pretty again.  She has l20, dual su's, 5 speed, and tach.  She pulls around on the road, but shes got some really fat tires on her. 





Ill have more pics later. Had a hard tiem going to get her, and was out longer than i planned, and it took alot out of me, i want to go out there and play around with her lol.  And shes a 73

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Number one Get Better! That's an order [with tongue in cheek]. Decisions made 1 day out of the ER may not stand the passage of time.


With that out of the way, the "best" compromise is wider tires on the rear for traction and general burning of rubber, and a narrower front set for more ease in steering. Does not mean 10 inch wide tires on the rear and bicycle tires on the front [although you can find pictures of idiots who did just that] but a reasonable choice of tire size and road patch, especially width, and tire pressure for both front and rear tires.

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I'm curious how they got the stock SSS air filter housing to fit without getting in the way of the brake booster / master cylinder. Looks like a great project in the works!

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i can take some pics, im just sitting on couch, going to try and go outside for some pics. the guys had it for 18 years, 3rd owner, and did not want to sell it. Hes deaf to, i noticed his daughter and grand daughter living with them, and he didnt say, but i think i figured out somethings going on, even the grand daughter was crying it was being sold. I told him constant pictures, and if he wants ill take him for rides. It stays l series, but is getting a nice exhaust system, and all of that.  First time ACTUALLY having a wagon i can DRIVE since i only drove the 710 wagon from Eagle Adam like once around the neighborhood.  I cant wait to start on this, shes exactly what i was looking for. Id rather spend 2k on her, get all thso eparts im getting, and put another 2-3k to get her to the daily driver, and looking good enough as my daily driver level i want, than spending 5-10k on a newer car (i wanted a altima se-r like i had before i got hurt) but i figured this was just smarter, can put money into it, and have something i can make look totally badass :)  Plus 73 is my fav year, and actually finding one not to convert, so excited.   And the guy was a great guy, i hope hes happy with everything i do to it. Do love there is a fan in teh back of it mounted to the top. 

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So yah, he did cut the aircleaner box >.>, going to see if i can weld it and make soemting to where theres not a huge vacume leak, its hard o tell not stock unless you hold the camera down there. On to more pictures. Got what i could before i needed to run inside again.  Still just excited i got a tach as well, headliner is toast, but rest of interior to me is very good, anotehr thing thats going to stay then.  Want to keep all the good stuff, and only replace/upgrade bad stuff. 


























For the dash crack, im going to get the dash pad wrapped, then do a vinyl oover the old woodgrain and chrome going down the middle.  The vinyl wrap on pad will just be a black, sure will be lil lines in the thing, but will look better than just one deep crack in it.








Couple hundred in the boxes there, me and my dad were talking abotu our mirrors being majorly over priced since u can cant find them anymore.  Then i find these 2 bad boys brand new in the boxes, im like moher of god, exact same ones i have on purple LOL.  Proally pu the ones on purple on the wagon, and new ones on purple. 





Even though im sick as hell, i already love her, and i cant wait to really, really tear into her, now as i keep passing out with trying to type to u guys, you all have a good night :)

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Paint is not good, alot of rust work in the rear, going under, and fedw other spots. Going to remove the bumper guards going down the side of the car, always hate how thos e look.   I keep waking back up to see myself still typing, im out

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A clean 610 wagon altogether. I genuinely like the look of the stock air cleaner housing under the hood of a 610. Nice score!

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Now  i have to watch my lungs for fluid in the future, they think the fluid around my heart will absorb back in, all this was caused by a massive infection in my stomach from a abcess that popped .  Caused me to swell up and fill full of bile fluid, now i may have to have apart of my colon removed in 6 months. FUCKING SUCKS!

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