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$200!!! 71 pickup in spokane

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yep, i saw that last night and called this morning, have to wait for the dude to wake up. I'm looking for one for my Grandson to have as a project. can you say :::::: another project, is never enuff project to have. thats a loaded question... :lol:

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man! id give someone $500 for that! supply and demand i guess...no supply here in North carolina. 500 smackers to the first one to drive that thing to my door!


You think you have it rough in NC you ought try MA! It is a datsun wasteland up here!

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the listing is gone...


if you were half serious, i might go look at 1way plane tkts...


i highly doubt something like that would make a cross-country trip!


im totally serious! i need a vacation :w00t: and im stupid crazy (or crazy stupid)

id still need to get up to WA, hang out w/the ratsun heads i havent met, fix the brakes etc.



i got an awesome set of tools, i can fix it :lol:

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