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Datsun Dealer sign for sale


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HA for once in the entire time I've been into datsuns, the east coast actually has something the west coast wants!:D


I will have to mark this day down on the calendar so I am sure to remember it!

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I am not sure how much the guy wants for it. I have seen it for sale once before, last fall I think. I think it wasn't cheap or I would have wanted it!


I am about 2 hours away from boston, so it'd be tough for me to pick up, and trying to pack it safely would be something I would leave up to a professional, But if you could get it to my place in Belchertown, I could certainly store it for till you figured how to get it to the west.


There is a packing place here that I use to send paintings around the world. I am sure they could do a swell job, but it'd prolly be pretty pricy!


It is bad ass sign though!

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Is that to big for a carry on. I'd fly out and pay for the seat back. :eek:


Not a bad idea! I know guys who have done that w/ cellos. I am guessing it is 3x5. It is located pretty near boston logan airport looking at a map. Such a big airport, you might be able to find a cheap flight?


Dudes how cool would it be for a ratsun guy to have this!

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that thing is too cool. if somebody wants it bad enough and has the money shipping wont be an issue except praying that it doesn't get broken during transport.


if i bought that i surly wouldn't stick it outside for some kid or honda owner to aim his sling shot at.


quick somebody notify that datsun history museum.

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Dudes, this sign is double sided. Imagine it on a swivel stand!


So here is the scoop directly from the ad poster:


"I attempted to get photos of the damage. It is two sided and lights up.


It is not perfect. The man who owns it is in his 70's. He is asking $1,500. and says it is negotiable.


I don't think he would be willing to get involved in shipping."


Here are the pics. Datrod, it would be amazing if the museum got it! Let us know what they say!


Heh and looking at the guy standing behind this thing for scale, I don't think it will fit in a airplane seat!



















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