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Anyone interested in dash covers?

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I know someone that use to work for JC Whitney out east here. He makes carpeted dash covers from the old patterns he took when he left JC Whitney years ago. He told me he had the patterns to make the covers for the 620 pickups. He is going to make me a couple. I'm getting with him this coming tuesday and going to see if he has the patterns for any other older Dastun's, 510, etc. I know the plastic dash caps sell on ebay for around $80 to $90. Would any of you guys be interested in any carpeted dash covers, If I buy a bunch from him he'll give me a great deal. Would anyone pay say $40 plus shipping? Hell I'm probably going to get him to make me a bunch and put them on ebay. I'm pretty sure I can get most any color. Give me some feedback fellas.

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I got some carpeted dash covers today, here's some pics


the pic below shows the back where you can cut out for the seat belt light if you want


the pic below shows the back where the vents are have screen sewn in so things can't go down the vent holes


would anyone be interested in these for $35.00 plus shipping. They fit perfectly and look great. I'll get some pics up from the one on my 77 620 dash.

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Sorry man, No other pads for any other Datsuns for now. My man is still looking for old patterns. I'll keep you posted. Next week I will have floor mats with Datsun logo on them, they look pretty cool. A set (front and rear mats with logo on all, around $30.00 plus shipping) I'll post pics as soon as I get them. Colors on the mats are same as the dash pads, light gray, black, dark gray, and tan-biege. The logo colors are a silver-gray, black, and red, colors can be mixed and matched, people wiil just have to let me know what they want.

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Yeah 420, I thought I would put them on ebay. I put them on ebay for $45.00 plus shipping, but anyone off of Ratsun can have them for $35.00 plus shipping, they just have to contact me on here. I hope this is alright, I'm new here, I love this sight and Datsuns, so I don't want to do anything not allowed.

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I finally cut in for the fasten seat belt light and looks good. I took the light out and laid the pad on the dash, then marked the exact hole for the light and the screws, cut it out and put it back. The original markings on the pad (in white) is so the pad will lay over the light without taking it out, this way the light mounts over the pad and looks alot cleaner. Here's some pics






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Guest jaimesix

Looking for pads for a Datsun 710 and a Datsun 610. Come on, do not tell me that you guys discriminate against other Datsuns, come on!!!!!:eek:



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