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think these will fit my tahoe wheels??


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im not sure if they'd fit my 16x7 wheels??

195/40R-16 80W XL B



i know they'd be like super tiny an ya my truck would prolly be bumpy as fuck.. but i think these would lower my truck about 4 inchs an they're kinda cheap.. not to mention with my new clutch i'll be doin some sweet burnouts for sure!

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Your local Discount Tire will beat (by ten dollars) or match the price, plus you get lifetime services like free rotations, balancing, flat repairs, and a prorated warranty.


And... Discount Tires online company, Discount Tire Direct, is even less than tirerack: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/findTireDetail.do?c=1&sw=false&cs=195&pc=43749&rd=16&ar=40


What now bitches? ;)


I hated working for Discount, but they have a great company for consumers.

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ya i should have researched more.. i was concerned about my speedo bein accurate.... for god fucking sakes the speedo cable wont screw into the tranny WTF bah who needs speedo.. i shoulda got the more lo pro ones the first time.. i gotta wait till tax season but im gettin me some low pros.. these 245/50/16's arent low enough

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