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Revival of the Chickenhawk...

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We decided to use some clear hose for the PCV/catch can. Attached at the block end...





And at the catch can/intake end...





Same type hose but smaller for the radiator line...





And we had enough left over to use it for the fuel tank vent line as well. Starts here...





Ends here...





Hopefully the clear vent hose will help keep us from overfilling the tank too...  😁

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We grokked the rear brake situation for awhile until we could formulate a plan. Decided it would be a lot easier on the bench, so...  😄





I think we came up with a good solution but it involved removing the stock caliper brackets. Which is waaaay easier said than done. So we said fuck it and cut off what was in the way...





Then did some quick and dirty CAD to see if our plan would work...





And, it does...






I think this is going to work well...





We are going to get some 1/4" plate steel and use the CAD piece as a guide to make them for real on Wednesday. 👍


We also had a side issue we needed to address. These calipers/pads are designed to work on a rotor that is 20mm thick, but we are using them on a rotor that is 11mm thick. Without fixing that somehow, we could hyperextend the pistons as the pads wear. Now since the stock pads that came in the calipers were a bit worn, we did this...





We removed the friction material and will use them as shims to space the pads out to make up the difference in rotor thickness. These will get stuck to the new pads before assembly. 👍



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15 minutes ago, datsunfreak said:




And today on "this could/should have been a text," I'm beginning to rethink having those hoses stick straight out like that. 


Meh, it'll be fine.

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Tim picked up some 1/4" plate steel so we could make the caliper brackets...





Got a 3.25" hole cut out of the center, then made two cuts straight out to the side, like so...





Gave it a test fit, and it's nice and tight...





Then drilled the needed 3 mounting holes...





In case it wasn't clear, the bolts that formally held the stock caliper bracket in place, will now hold this in place. We still need to do a little trimming on the caliper end of the bracket, and a LOT of trimming on the far end. 

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15 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

Getting real close up in here 😄


Well, we are at least getting close to the car having brakes...  😄


Need to sort out cooling lines, paint and install header, then finish up the steering column. Then it could theoretically drive under it's own power.


Assuming all of our wiring works first try...  😁

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On 3/24/2022 at 7:37 AM, datsunfreak said:




That 3.25" hole took entirely too long to cut, so I bought a new hole saw blade today.  Hopefully it will go through the other plate quicker.  I might go back tomorrow to give it a go.

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I'm going to see if I can post pictures before John!


Finished brackets (before paint, obvs).




Bracket mocked up.




Caliper and rotor final(-ish) location


Caliper and Rotor.jpg

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11 hours ago, dimlight65 said:

I'm going to see if I can post pictures before John!


Well done. 👍


Caliper location came out good, spacing on the rotor is well centered, but we may still need to tweak the pads a tiny bit. We will see for sure once it's all back in the car. Axle is ready to chuck in, but we were a bit too tired to try it last night. Axle should be back in and rear brakes mounted/plumbed on Saturday. 

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Part of me wants to add some lightness to these by skeletonizing them a bit...





We wont, of course, because a) this is light enough and 2) I'm super lazy.

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Got the rear axle back in the car, and the brakes installed (hopefully) for good...





As you can see, for wheel clearance we are are now using a 1" spacer. We also wanted to widen the rear track 2" so it would better match the front, so this fixes two stoned birds. 


Wheel on to check caliper clearance...





We have about 1/4" gap between the wheel and caliper...






It looks like our caliper shims are going to work just fine also. We did run into a snag (that we fully expected to happen}, where the pad overhangs the caliper edge by a tiny amount. I put the pads in and marked the edge of the rotor, so we need to trim this much of the friction material off of each pad before installation...






Hopefully we can get the pads trimmed and installed on Saturday, then it's on to finishing the brakes lines from the diff center to each wheel. 👍

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John arrived well before me this morning and got the pads trimmed and installed.  I showed up and said, "Well... I guess I need to make some brake lines!" 


So I did.


Brake line to shock clearance is good.

shock clearance.jpg


Driver's side line.

DS brake line.jpg


Passenger side line.

PS brake line.jpg


Of course, John and I posted at the same time again!

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Got started on trimming the pads. This is before and after...





Used a dab of high temp silicone to stick the shims to the pads so they don't rattle, and they fit much better now, no overlap on the rotor...





Left hose done...





Right hose done...






Cleaned the wheels, just for Tim...  😄



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1 minute ago, dimlight65 said:

John arrived well before me this morning and got the pads trimmed and installed.  I showed up and said, "Well... I guess I need to make some brake lines!" 


So I did.


Our timing is impeccable...   😆

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Started looking at the front push bar as well, and decided it needed a bit of a trim on the bottom edge...





And so Tim did...





Ran out of time to finish it, but probably will this week...

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You can see here (if you know what you are looking it) how the bottom side was trimmed and reshaped to better suit the car...





And then a fresh coat of paint later...





At this time we need to reinstall the rub strips, then it will probably get socked away somewhere away from all the dust until after the car is painted.  👍

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7 minutes ago, afracer said:

That clear garden hose fuel and oil rated? 👀


I'm sure it is going to get yellow and VERY hard & crusty before long, but we're just using it for vent lines and PCV so I'm not too worried.

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We got some more hoses done today.


Oil lines at the filter


oil lines at filter.jpg


Oil lines at the block


oil lines at block.jpg


Water fill at the bottom of the fill tank


water fill at tank.jpg


Water fill at the block


water fill at block.jpg


We also made the fuel lines from the pressure regulator to the carb and from the carb to the return line, but my picture of that exceeded Ratsun's file size limit... and was a crap picture that didn't really show anything useful.


Oh, and we made the throttle cable wheel attachment at the carb, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

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