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Revival of the Chickenhawk...

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10 hours ago, dimlight65 said:

I'm sure John will post more later.


Tail light loom going in, left side done...





Routing and trimming wires for the right side...






Right side done...





And dizzy/coil wiring done...





And yes, that is a stunt coil. We will install a new one shortly.


But that coil bracket mod, though... 👌

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Took our first ever go at making a set of bespoke spark plug wires using red 8mm stuff from Summit, featuring the patent pending Dimlight Racing wire separators





While I struggled with that, Tim finished routing and terminating the wiring on the other side...




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This is sooo much better than the "Spaghetti Mess" I would have made by cannibalizing a set of bespoke V8 wires, running whatever hodge-podge lengths that kit had, and letting it flop wherever it wanted to flop. 


I'm super grateful to John for a) "taking the tools out of my hands," thus forcing a prettier solution on me, and 2) "taking the tools out of my hands" by building the wires.

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On 10/14/2021 at 7:34 AM, datsunfreak said:

But that coil bracket mod, though... 👌


Ugh, I can't wait until the red Blaster II coil is in it.  That old thing in there is driving me cra-cra with its grottiness.

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Left side tail light harness, fuel pump wiring, and battery charger wiring routed...





Right side done, but won't really be tidy until we put in a battery...





We got tired of looking at the remnants of the old license plate holder, so we finally did something about it. It still has the holes for mounting the plate, which are supposed to hold the top edge of the plate, but we decided to do something different with them. The hole you see in the panel there will most likely be used for a license plate light of some sort. We also cleaned up the cut below for the exhaust tip to come through...





Funny how just putting in the lights makes it start to look like a real car again. And yes, they will come back out again for paint...








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9 hours ago, datsunfreak said:

We also cleaned up the cut below for the exhaust tip to come through...


He's using the "Royal 'We'" there... HE did all that beautification work y'all see there.


Mainly because he doesn't trust me to do cosmetic work!

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Today's progress report is up on the instant grams.


Basically, I installed the MSD Blaster II coil, and used a BSP to NPT adapter to install the oil pressure sensor.  After that, I got tucked in to wiring the stuff that the under-hood relays are going to power.  And yes, that headlight connector is too short to reach a headlight.  But to quote Captain Lincoln F. Sternn, "Relax Charley, I got an angle."

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4 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Why is this just single plug?????? Dual plugs are way better. Shorter burn time so ignition advance is much much less.


4 plug engines look better, are easier/cheaper to maintain, and are a fair bit less complex. Also, this was originally a 4 plug engine (1980 model A10). Why buy/add a bunch of parts you don't really "need"?

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In order to finish the wiring for the front lights/fan/etc we needed to finalize the location of the radiator, and which radiator we were going to use. We had 3 new radiators to choose from and ended settling on a MK1 VW Rabbit/Jetta radiator. It is a good size/capacity for the engine, but small enough to fit well in the available space. 


The lower mounts are pins on the bottom of the radiator so we made some aluminium brackets to hold those (along with silicone rubber bushings of course)...





When mounted it is going to lean back ever so slightly so that we can mount the electric fan on the outside between the radiator and grill...





This radiator location necessitated moving the oil filter about 2" further to the right side as it was rubbing the radiator. This won't be much of a change for the final set up, but better to move it now than after we've already made hoses for it. Access to remove it is still good and it doesn't seem to be in the way of anything here...





We should be able to make top mounts for it Saturday, and hopefully some kind of "shelf" above it to act as a cover/air block. But the good thing is that now we can finish routing and terminating all the wiring for the lights/fan/etc (that bundle of wires you see in the last photo). We wanted to run it under the radiator and now it looks like we can. 👍 

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The wheels Tim recently bought for this had an issue fitting the car. There is this weird step lip inside the center bore that was keeping it from seating all the way onto the hub. We considered a few different options like spacers (pushes the wheel out too far) and having a machine shop remove it (they are all scared to modify wheels), and I had a wacky idea. I have an old Bosch router at home that is sort of on its last legs, and a few cheapish flush trim bits, so I figured why not? 😁


And yes, I tried it on a piece of scrap aluminum first...





It worked out surprisingly well. Just had to go slow and be super careful. Will try to test fit it on the car tomorrow, but my confidence level is high. 👍


Main debate now is to do this to just 2 wheels, or do all 4. The rears won't have this issue, so...

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2 hours ago, datsunfreak said:

It worked out surprisingly well. Just had to go slow and be super careful.



Funny, just last night I saw a show on Motortrend where a guy was making a piece of aluminum trim for a door panel. He did the finish work with a hand router (with template) and he  used dish soap as a lube / coolant.


I made a mental note to myself as I have never seen that before..



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I've seen a few guys pull that trick.  Long as they were careful it always seemed to work decently.  The dish soap cutting lube is a neat idea.  Glad it worked for you.  I would just do all 4 then you don't ever have to think about it again.


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