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Revival of the Chickenhawk...

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Decided to get the column/seat thing sorted...


Chucked in the seat...





Drilled two new holes in the rail...





Had to shim up the back a bit. 1.75" on the outside, 2.5" on the inside. Will make some spacers for the actual install.





Got Tim seated and slid the steering wheel on to see where it needed to end up. Marked it off then pulled it out again...





Tim got to welding...





Went to the vise to cut off the excess...







Then for giggles welded up the other side too...





Cleaned up and painted...





Got it all back in and Tim gave it a squat again. He seems to approve...





Better view...





Had to play with the heim joint height to get the wheel in the perfect spot and to make sure the shaft doesn't rub the header. Ended up here...





Speaking of the header, Tim has been wanting to build a true dual exhaust for awhile so we cut off the 2-1 merge of the 4-2-1 collector...





Tried to fit them onto the header but it's a little too tight to the floor. Brainstorming now to see how to fix that. Stay tuned...

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Cool, looking forward to seeing the progress on this thing!


Just as a head's up, we might be taking a short break from it so Tim can finish up his van project.


We were hot and heavy on the van until it got too hot outside (it lives outside, 1200 inside), but switched over to the 1200 when summer came. Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, we might dip back into the van for a bit, then come back to the 1200 once it's too damn cold to work outside.   :rofl:

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I did two things to the car yesterday... but I can only remember one.  Neither one is really worth an entire post, but I'm hoping that typing will jog my mem... GOT IT!  Yeah, they were totally trivial things.


1) Installed shifter bushings.

2) Put a little paint mark at the top of the steering shaft for QR wheel alignment.


And as Datsunfreak said, I've got the shit-hots to finish my van, which is much closer to completion, so this car is going on hiatus for a bit.

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Ok, after some discussion today, I have decided that I'm going to go for KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) with the carbs.  Single DGV/DGAS instead of the dual DCOE setup.  Flame away, I'm wearing asbestos Underoos.

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I still cannot see any pic's on any of your posts John.


Can you see the latest photos in the van thread?


Most of the pics in this thread are hosted on a friend's site call 510garage.com. Sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. I stopped using it because of that problem. Van pics are hosted elsewhere. 

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After seeing how awesome the paint on my van turned out (so far), I'm thinking of painting this car "Statutory Grape" as well.

An now that my paint and body guy is trying to fuck me on the van, I'm willing to buy just enough Krylon to make this car one color again because... FUCK PAINT AND BODY PEOPLE!  I'll cut the motherfucker into tiny pieces with a Sawzall before I let a P&B person touch it... because FUCK PAINT AND BODY PEOPLE!

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Also shocked to learn you're still around.   :rofl:

I've just been hunting for the parts for my 210, I pick up a rad and con from a Juke and the steering rack from a Cube, now I just need to find a rear end. :ninja:  Still here, always lurking! Yeah, I can see the pics of the van just fine. You guys got a good amount done on that bay boy.

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So I saw a Ranger the other day all done up "Trophy Truck" style.  It was rolling down the freeway, all leaning back on its haunches due to the soft suspension and all that travel, and I thought, "Yeah, that's what I want the Chx to do."


But I'm going to "finish" the van first.  Must.  Stay.  Focused.

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