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Another wheel ID thread


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I was hoping someone here, especially our "vintage" members, might help me identify this wheel. It has a "P" on one of the spokes, it's steel, and I don't think they are American Racing wheels as the center cap implies.




Thanks in advance.

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I guess im kind of "vintage"..:lol: Those look like Jackman wheels. Otherwise known as "wagon wheels" .



I thought "vintage" was better than "old guys".


Thanks for the ID. In researching it a little bit, I think you're right. It appears the set on my truck are (guessing) 6" fronts and 8.5" rears. I have measured the rears to the best of my ability, and they look like 4.25" backspacing from both the face and back of the wheel, so 0 offset. Didnt know they were that wide. My guesstimate on the fronts is just from comparison. They could be 7"s, but the 215's on the front look a bit bubbled out, which would occur more on a 6.


Anyway, thanks again for the info.

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