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Fender mirrors


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So I want to install fender mirrors on my 720. Does anyone know the exact location? I don't want to look like a goofball. I know the jdm guys are very picky about that kinda stuff and I want them to be perfect.

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real set will run you at at least $200+. But think twice about it before you do it. Door mounted mirrors look just fine and it seems like everyone getting fender mirrors these days like its some disease that makes them more " JDM ". 


They are also a pain in the ass to see out of. I am not sure if I have seen a real set for a 720 before. Probably just type in " JDM 720 fender mirrors " on google images... congratulations, you're officially JDM cool...

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While you're at it, get a really huge black racing stripe that runs the entire length of your truck from the bed to the hood. Then get some red bride seats and one of those green and yellow JDM flags that denotes that you are a " beginner driver " in Japan.


Then put these stickers on your back window:





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Oh I almost forgot...


Repaint the truck purple glaze glitter or some other colour that was not an OEM colour and then shave off the door handles and bed rails. Then put 18" high polished chrome wheels on it. 

Then tint the windows and add a bazooka sub woofer with flip-up in dash unit with navigation. Finish that with LED lighted gauges and MOMO steering wheel with red trim to match the Bride seats. we're getting there.....


are we JDM yet?

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Wow, someone is upset... so much to post three different times in a row. 







Get whatever you think looks good. And to counter Ruckys statement, my Nissan fender mirrors are actually easier to see out of than my door mirrors. Non-Nissan units will be nearly impossible to see anything with though. I probably wouldnt search around for "JDM 720 fender mirrors" since Im pretty sure fender mirrors were not a thing by the time 720s rolled out of the factory. 


Just look for fender mirrors you like and install those. If real Nissan, they should have spring bases... Im not sure if there is space for the bases in the 720 fenders. Earlier cars were designed with a cutout in the upper frame rails (hence the mirrors need to be in a specific spot for mounting). 

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I have a car with fender mirrors from the factory, they are worthless, that is why so many owners bought mirrors that mounted on the windshield frame, so they could see what is beside them without having to turn their head around like Linda Blair to look in that huge blind spot.

They may look cool, but there is a reason that it was phased out, a giant blind spot.

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Awesome misinformation there... 

Fender mirrors when properly placed provide a superior view with LESS of a blind spot. Thats no opinion, its geometry. That coupled with narrow roads are two of the primary reasons they were used in the 1st place. They were standard equipment in Japan up until the 80s until the market turned. Japanese buyers started associating door mirrors with cooler western styles and since Japanese exports were sky high and required to have door mirrors anyway it was a no brainer to phase them out. That is except taxi cabs which still to this day use them. Why? Because taxi drivers demanded it, because of the better view... Though thats changing again now as the taxi market does. 

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I didnt realize we were talking about 60yo English cars now? I'm sure there are quite a few cars with useless mirrors be it fender or otherwise made over the years. As for the topic though of Japanese and in particular Datsun/Nissan fender mirrors they are superior. 

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I own a 1953 MGTD, it came with fender mirrors from the factory, they are BRITISH!!!


Fixed.   :rofl:


OEM Nissan/Datsun fender mirrors are really a lot better view than the door mirrors. But I'm only saying the factory Datsun mirrors. Every British car I've driven with them sucked. 

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Those look beyond ridiculous...


Where are the 720 factory pics?

Right here. Notice the standard 720 behind the double cab:

For the 720, fender mirrors or door mirrors were factory parts.


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I like the way they look but it may be a context thing lol. I dont believe the 3rd on the d22 is stock, they sell that exact mirror as a universal over there, a lot of cars use them. 

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