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M/C fucked?


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so i was tryin to rebleed my brakes in preporation for my truck bein on the road again.. i bled the back brakes just fine but when i went to do the fronts no fluid was commin out, time an time again.. finally i got a few drops but nothin major.. so i went to try to bleed the m/c for the front brakes an nothin was commin out.. same little tiny bit like the caliper.. i bled the rear brakes just fine.. even the rear brake bleeder on the m/c worked fine.. is it possible its broken or some crap.. i mean its like a year old an has way less then a year of drive time on it.. hell its sat more then its been used..

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I had the same problem, but with the rears. In my case, there was enough air in the line (from taking the MC off and replacing it) to have gotten sucked up into the MC and un-priming the piston.


You might have to re bench bleed it to get it going again.

Another possibility, there was a rubber valve like deal under the fitting the brake line threads into. It might be stuck. ORRR the rubber cup part might have gotten hard and is no longer sealing so the pressure is going past.

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Was this M/C a remanufactured unit or a NEW unit last year.


In my experiences, a remanufactured master is only good for about 1-2 years, not sure why, just seen them fail repeatedly.

And NEW replacements seem to last many years.


But, finding new may be a little more difficult.



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I just found this and this was where I based my post:


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I saw a lot of words on posts that HAD been censored, so I assumed it was universal

again. no big deal

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het word f*** isn't even in the dic tionary so it not really a word, its just a made up action word (verb).


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