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Start.... no start


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Ok, your thoughts on this....


When I hit the key to start I can hear the solenoid, but the starter does not turn..


However, if I bridge both posts together on the starter, it will turn over...


Is this a grounding issue? bad starter ? :confused:

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Starter is fine. If it turns over then the ground is good.


Likely the START signal from the key is weak and there's not sufficient voltage to properly engage the solenoid. If you are driving a Datsun, then your car/truck has to be at least an '84, that's 24 year old wiring. (probably older) The push on connector at the key and the solenoid could be cleaned for better contact. Perhaps the ignition switch is pooched.


Hainz had a schematic for using this weak start signal to power a relay that would provide a fresh jolt of direct 12 volts to the solenoid. If you ask him nice.....

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Like Mike said....


My vote is for the relay! It doesn't take much at all to activate the relay. Had the same prob on my auto 510 wgn...put the relay in and it has never missed since!! I didn't even bother to clean any of the contacts. :)

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i had an issue like that in an old toyota. wierd thing was the positive lead was shot. yes it did the same thing that his is doing. i could hear the relay click but if i jumped the terminals at the starter, the starter would turn. replaced the pos lead and it started every time. like i said wierd. might be another idea on why.

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