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71 2 Door from Atlantic Canada

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Got the DE onto the stand and tore into her today


Looks good at first glance but the big one will be the bottom end when i get to that.


On the stand waiting for disassembly 




With the head and most of the small stuff attached to the block removed




Probably tackle the bottom end and the front cover tomorrow, then move on to the VE head.

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Finally got the DE down to a bare block. Crank looks good thankfully, main caps have a little wear so going to have to see what the machine shop says about that.




Going to crack open the VE soon once I get the garage cleaned up abit haha

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not a ton of progress since i've been sick the past week. The 2.1 is totally unhooked just need to take out the driveshaft and trans crossmember then can pull everything. Once that's done i'm taking the car to get the drivers floor touched up, it's not rotten but there's a couple pinholes and want the extra strength since a custom built 6 or 8 point cage will follow to tie the car together. Also got a great deal on some forged 11:1 CP pistons and Eagle Rods for the SR, 50% off sales are the best.  

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  • 3 weeks later...
Got the head off the VE finally, been preoccupied building some other engines too.


Have to get this thing to the machine shop now for the new pistons.






Tiny little garage has 4 different engines torn apart in it now lol



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  • 2 weeks later...

Started cleaning up the engine bay in prep for the SR, stripping everything down and eventually painting it. Guess there will be one good looking part of the car haha




Had to coat everything in oven cleaner to try and get the grime off, 46 years of oil and dirt sure don't want to come off.




Going to rinse off the cleaner tonight and finally pull what's left of the engine. Hopefully strip the last few things from the bay and start some sanding too

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  • 2 months later...
Picked up the engine from the shop! Went with a small .5mm overbore since the engine only had 60,000km. Cleaned up fairly well, they didn't mention how much they took off when the decked the engine/front cover but it looks like a fair amount, piston to valve clearance is going to be interesting with these 11:1 pistons and big cam i'm looking at, might have to fly cut the pistons but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


Next on the list is measuring and ordering some main/rod bearings. Probably going ACL with Calico coating




Freshly machined engines look so good

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Did some rough engine bay work tonight with the drill and a sanding disk. Going to give the entire bay a pass with it before moving to some finer stuff by hand. Then can go about filling unwanted holes and smoothing everything out



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Going to try and kick this into high gear, first car show in my area is 70 days away and it's a big one! Car probably won't be running but pretty sure I can get the bay painted and the VE sitting in the bay looking pretty by then.


Got most of the bay sanded with the disc, just need to hit the rad support and a few smaller areas before starting by hand.


Also ordered my bearings finally, ACL Race standard size crank and rod for now. Going to check when they get here and maybe mix and match one standard and one plus size depending on how everything measures out.


Also grabbed another project car, a 1991 Mazda Rx7 for $200 with no engine/ trans or rocker panels haha. Welded tons of scrap sheets but never anything on an actual car so figured worst case it's welding practice best case another car. Turns out it's not too bad and have already welded some new metal in.


Anyway on to some pics!


Current engine bay




And the rx7, no idea what I'm going to do with it yet



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Still sanding away in the engine bay, since all that dust is in the garage and I was about to start putting my bottom end together on the SR I risked being yelled at and brought the engine into the house




Now I have a nice clean place to work on everything.


Picked up a dial bore gauge from Napa to fine tune my clearances aswell, was going to just use plastigauge but figured with the time and money already in this engine I better not cheap out on an important area like bearing clearances. On that note realised I also bought gtir Sr20 main bearings that won't work with my block.... they require some additional machining to work properly and nowhere local has the jigs to do the work. Cheaper to just get the same brand bearing for my block then sending it out for the marginal difference it would make. Hopefully they'll be here this week so this bottom end can finally get buttoned up!

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Finally got some work done on the bottom end, seemed like I always went to work on it and realized I was missing something. Didn't have the right sized micrometers to measure the crank etc.


Well the crank is in! Torqued down per fsm with new Nissan bolts




Next on my plate is to check ring gap on the pistons and fire them home, then can close up the bottom end!


Speaking of pistons the forged CPs with eagle rods look pretty nice



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Ya I even tried the full version of ratsun not just the mobile.... I get a box to come up with a little spinning icon but that's as far as I get.... oh well...

I guess I have to resort to reading....

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Ya I even tried the full version of ratsun not just the mobile.... I get a box to come up with a little spinning icon but that's as far as I get.... oh well...

I guess I have to resort to reading....

You happen to be using Google chrome? The picture hosting site I'm using seems to have a problem with it

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally some major progress on the engine front, was away the last 2 weeks for work so that put a major damper on everything.




Will go about throwing the cams in tomorrow and checking the piston to valve clearance, fingers crossed it's good if not that's a whole other can of worms

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Well she's all good on the low end! Need to check high end now and if that's all good throw the pan on.




Not a terrible amount left to do engine wise, feels nice being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully I didn't just jynx myself haha

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Well high side she's good too! Not much room so definitely not getting the kelford cams I wanted with these pistons, maybe that's something I'll fix in the future if a cheap SR block pops up that I can throw some ridiculous sleeves in and some reliefed VE pistons.


Worked some more at skim coating the engine bay and could possibly be shooting primer in the near future, don't want to do that too soon though.


Also played around with another project for most of today




A Rb20 inline 6 in a 1990 240sx, previous owner had broke 3 exhaust studs off trying to take off the manifold and of course they were either flush with the head or up inside it. Ended up building up weld on the broken stud, welding a nut to that and then 2 out of the 3 came out pretty easy. 3rd one put up a good fight (#6 rear stud) but it eventually gave up haha

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