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People putting $1.00 for their price


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How about these...

      "runs perfect needs carb work"

      "never been raced beats mustangs all day long"

      "perfect condition does not run"


And my favorite "no scams" If I was a scammer I would probably not be discouraged by you asking me to not scam you. 

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I don't know if this happens everywhere but in Houston there is apparently a title eating monster of some sort cause only about 2 bikes on here have titles, what the hell are people doing with their titles? if you do not have a title on a vehicle then you dont own it, I don't know how thing work elsewhere but a bill of sale means absolutely nothing here in TX not to mention if the title is not in the sellers name then what the hell good is a bill of sale from that person going to do? My god why are so many people so stupid. 


I own a bike shop, for those who don't know and people come by all the time with bikes without titles wanting to get them fixed saying they will worry about the title later, we even see several with the vin ground off too. I understand not everyone knows about titles but certainly everyone should know the only thing that a ground off vin indicates. Around tax time every crook comes out of the woodwork to prey on uninformed people which isn't directly my problem but it is annoying to work up a quote for someone just to find out they already paid more than it is worth, they do not have title and need a 1200 dollar fuel system rebuild. I would just like a break from telling so many people they just lost a ton of money and there is nothing that can be done.

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When I lived in AZ, I had a bike confiscated. They were doing a big crackdown on Harley theft. They would stop you and if the frame, engine AND transmission case did not have matching numbers, you better have the paperwork to show why. This is when I found out that ignorance of the law really means dick. I grew up in small town in Oregon, as long as you had a title, you were good to go. But not in Phoenix. My bikes are always a pile of parts that I have scrounged together and hooked to a frame that I own with a good title. It took some real leg work to get my bike back.

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Back in the days of newspaper classifieds I was looking to get a '78 510 5-speed.  Did not know they were the sought after "dogleg", and did not know that there were differences in Datsun 5-speeds.  All I knew was I needed a 5-speed, as I had a '78 with a missing transmission.


The ad in the paper said - and this was the whole ad -  "Datsun - $100.  206-xxx-xxxx".


That was cheaper than the $125 the junkyard wanted (even back then).  So I went up and looked at the car.


Turns out it was in fact a 1978 510 hatchback with a blown engine and a 5-speed transmission.  So I bought it solely for the transmission.


And ended up putting the engine that had been destined for the project car in it, and driving it for 10 years.

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Or when you see on CL    DATSUN 510 ,  click and read ARE YOU SELLING A 510, My DICK ASS WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT!  Annoys the shit out of me. 


Or when you see on CL    DATSUN 510 ,  click and read ARE YOU SELLING A 510, My DICK ASS WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT!  Annoys the shit out of me. 

I second that one Dan. For all you dipshits, who can't read. theres a fucking FOR SALE and WANTED tab for you to click so that prospective buyers will know before they click on something that they have been looking for, only to open your ad and read: "  I am looking to buy (item ).... if you got one lemme know " 


Click the  " WANTED " tab please, fucko... 

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