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How I replaced a 521 exhaust system

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The trouble with paying to host your own photos is that when you quit paying they will also disappear without warning to others, they just will not be there anymore, sound familiar?

The good thing about free hosting is that they are out there for everyone to see even after you are gone, well that is how I thought it would be, but Photolame is likely setting a precedent that others will likely follow eventually as they didn't get in trouble, it's all about there god the almighty buck, and when there are no more bucks to be had here.........................

The trouble with allowing someone else to host your photos is whenever they decide to call it quits or change their terms, your photos disappear to everyone, and you have no easy way to retrieve them. You sound like you feel you are owed something, but you've been taking advantage of them for years and really have no ground to stand on. With having your own hosting, the host could go belly up and as long as you still have a backup copy of your images all your pictures in every place you've ever posted them can be restored in minutes by directing your domain name to a new host.

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I used the stock L-16 Y pipe.  they are usually the last piece of a stock exhaust system to rust out, because it is a thicker metal, and the heat of the exhaust dries the water out of it quicker, no water, no rust.

Columbia River calls the part you are looking for a "merge collector"


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