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yellow headlamps @ 521


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ok so i went to the yard and picked up a pair of yellow headlamps for my 521 for $5.81, came off a benz but after installing them i noticed that one of my fuse was popped and so i put a new one in and it popped that one too, im thinking its too much for my dingy fuse box or something.. help!!! how do stop that from happenning??? thanks guys i appreciate your help

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I think you must of connected them wrong. HE! I'll go check the color codes tomorrow but the colors codes are for a 620. My recommendation is to disconnect the fog lights and then plug in a fuse. If the fuse blows when the fog lights are disconnected, then its not the fog lamps...

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I have the VERY same lights on my 620 & im using them as high beams. No issues at all. The wires [2] coming off the MB lights are the same color if i remember right. Id check for a bad connection at the light. Did you install them as high beams?

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easiest way around that.... wire in an aftermarket 30 or 40 amp relay with a switch. that way they could be used as fog lights. thats what i am goinna do with my benz inners when i find them again. but also check that tis not shorting out like hainz said.

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