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What are you listening to???

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X3... Fo sho


iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify have diagnosed me as a musical schizophrenic. Their weak ass music interest algorithms always go haywire on my accounts. 


There was a Radio DJ in Paris in the 80s who'd blend all genres for a solid 4 hour set once a weak. A friend of mine had a bunch of tapes he'd made of it. Dude jumped from acid rock, to classical, African folk, 20s jazz, Disco, Gregorian chant, you name it. Somehow he was able to string it together seamlessly in a single stream of consciousness. The guy must have had a freakish memory and understanding of music. I wish I could find something like that online today. 

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Check the lyrics


I am looking for an inspiration and I think I found it in your heart
It's the kind of thing you get when you're not looking
It's the kind of thing you had from the start


Put me on a ship that is sinking, on a voyage to unknown lands

Take away the freedoms I wanted...

I understand


Put me inside flesh that is dying, a ghost that wonders without rest

Buried buy desires and weakness...

I understand


Don't take your love away from me.



Wow seriously

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There is a film and photography supply place in San Francisco called JCX Expendables that had three members of a band called the Expendables that worked there. Not the same band but both were ska bands. All the SF guys were full on Rastafarians, so they were way more legit. 

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