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What are you listening to???

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Who is a ole heavy duty Rocker like me.Back in the 70's Led Zeppelin's Song remains the same came out in movie Theaters.If was so cool,guess what everyone in there was toking on,yes in the movie theater,I sure miss my long hair.Check out this clip from the movie.I have all of Zeppelin's C.D's.There is a old Nissan truck in the picture.


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There’s a radio station in Memphis that is also on Tune-In. It’s 96.1 Drake Hall. If you listen for an hour you will hear a rock song you’ve never heard before.


Some is not rock but it’s got it from the 50s to today.

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There’s another station out of Nevada City CA called KVMR. 89.5 FM. Saturday morning it’s got bluegrass from 10 to 12, and hard country from 12 to 2. Later they have bob dylan for 2 more and then dead air for four more.


If those programs aren’t for you, try the women’s show on Monday nights for 2 hours. I challenge anyone to listen to more than 10 minutes of that show and not want to end a life (think of 10 neighbors who sit around a table and share their thoughts on whatever).

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On 12/5/2021 at 6:18 PM, angliagt said:

      I miss the early '70's when FM was kind of underground -

they would play one side of an album.I used to listen to it

while detailing 240Z's when they were new cars.


They don't do dat no mo. It was a righteous way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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