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What are you listening to???

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Okay WTF happened to pop Music? Maybe it's because I'm just an old fart, but I think today's rerpetitive over produced autotune crap is popular because the kids are dull witted by design. It might be a reflection of an overall lack of education in art appreciation, or America's engineered intellectual decline. Rather than provoking critical thinking by supporting creative expression, now the industry profits from a simplistic cult of personality that maintains the easy target of consumer ignorance. Reflecting on the book Dune, for truly great music to happen, the spice must flow.



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I said basically the same thing long ago. Pop to me is pOp with a short peak in the middle.... it comes and it goes and should be eaten in small bites or eschewed entirely. What little music I do like to listen to, sure isn't pOp. The first thing I do when I borrow my wife's car is turn the radio off. For a few hundred dollars today anyone can make a CD and there's no accounting for taste in the public. We are awash in crap with a few kernels of corn.

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On 6/18/2021 at 9:47 PM, a.d._510_n_ok said:




  Went to that tour concert


     MY best Buddies...   Chuckles, Joey, my now wife , and me in my 79 Ford Fiesta 


   SAXON ,ACCEPT and Heavy Petting in the Paramount in Seattle  


 Stopped at carnival and one of them won a 6' stuffed rabbit,,,   god we were stoned back then . 














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2 minutes ago, bananahamuck said:

 I'm not which dickhead moved the edit button but 







 I'm not which dickhead moved the edit button to the quote button but ,, Jesus tap dance Christ ..




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On 6/30/2021 at 12:44 AM, bananahamuck said:

 In case you never heard of Saxon 


Although they were on Crusader tour at the time 




Saxon and Molly were big amongst GIs in the late 1980s and IDK why but soldiers had a cult thing going on with 'em.



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