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What are you listening to???

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An hour after the first blotter nothing was happening so I ate the other two. Five minutes later my hand flew away. The telephone pole outside my house is jumping up and down out of it's hole, only the wires keep it from getting away and when did the sun come up? 'cause I can hear it outside. Is it a bottle in front of me or a frontal lobotomy? Someone tell me. I need to know.

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Sounds like something that happened to a friend. He took one after we leaving Seattle. Nothing was happening after 30 minutes so he hit a second one. That's when all hell broke lose. I didn't see him for a week.

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5 Dec 88: I enlisted into the US Army at OKC MEPS with this song blasting from the break room via MTV as I raised my right hand and swore my first oath.


OKC MEPS in '88 was the old Journal-Records building. They couldn't feed us in that building so they gave us vouchers to eat in the basement cafeteria of the adjacent Murrah Federal Building.


10 Jan 89 (32 years ago *TODAY*) I arrived at Fort Dix, NJ for basic training.


my first permanent duty station was.....Fort Dix. I was befriended by another okie there whose last name was (I shit you not): Titsworth.


when my daughter was born in 1990 in NJ, Tits (what we called him) solicited donations of $$$ and diaper donations from the unit because he knew I was a broke ass E-3 with two kids and needed all the help he could get.


in April 1995, Titsworth and his wife lost their adopted daughter Kayla in the daycare of the Murrah Federal Building.


after 1995, old OKC MEPS (damaged by the Murrah Explosion) became the Murrah museum. still is today.


In 2013, my daughter was in Afghanistan when a senior NCO of the Oklahoma Army National Guard with a name tag that read, "TITSWORTH" walked up to her and asked her if her dad's name was......she said, "YES!!! how do you know that!?!"


he looked her up and down and walked away without a word.


whatever happens, I wish all you MOFOs the greatest happiness in life.




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