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Yo everyone, what's up! My name is Tate, I'm 16 years old, and I live in So-Cal. Just got my first car, a 1983 280ZX Turbo! Found it on craigslist about 3 months ago, Odo reads 73,000. Might be rollover but there aren't a lot of signs pointing too it. It's pushing 206 HP with an HKS BOV, 12 PSi on the turbo, CUSCO Rear Strut Bar, AEM Meth/water injection kit, running on Epsilon wheels, straight piped and racecar'd out in the interior. I just want to introduce myself and become a part of the world of Z! If you guys have any advice for me, any ideas for more powaaa, or wise words of wisdom, let me know. I'm just a rookie right now (:
babe by tatefredlow, on Flickr
1534723_10200281927010191_1222467285_o by tatefredlow, on Flickr
1893c642950811e3aa2e124a91058a23_6 by tatefredlow, on Flickr
2ee2d20a8c5511e3b6b512b0a2d3115d_6 by tatefredlow, on Flickr

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Well rookie, ya did good, you posted pics with your first post! This pleases the oic whores round here. Anywho, welcome! Nice looking Z ya got there and you've come to right place for info on how or what you can do your Z. There's a lot of guys (and gals) that will help you out. Enjoy your stay and welcome to the Ratsun family of crazy mo fo's!

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Welcome, you should enjoy yourself here...keep  in mind there is a lot knowledge here and good people. Also there will be replies with sarcazims and jokes, try to keep an open mind and realize its a text and sometimes you may viewing the intent the wrong way...


youll find most everyone will be more then happy to help keep your Z passion alive and kicking. Glad to see a young cat take the road of being involved in the car hobby, or daily driver..lol. 


Side note, just met with a guy last night had a Honda with a hood design like yours, but his would match your car ....he sanded the hood to bare metal, the rising sun was almost the same color as your Z...then about 4 coats of clear...in the sun it looks pretty sick...just a thought.

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