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Digital Instrument Cluster Problems!

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Hey Guys, need some help! I have an 83 280ZX Turbo with the digital instrument cluster. Just recently, about two days ago, the cluster decided not to turn on when I started the car. It hasn't been working ever since. Nothing comes on except the red warnings and the "check systems" box, as shown in the picture. However, if the car is off and I turn on the headlights, the cluster comes on immediately and everything works perfect. Does anyone know what the cause of this could be? If it makes any difference I have a methanol/water injection kit from AEM installed as well. Thanks for your help!



photo 1 by tatefredlow, on Flickr12980313094_45e42924f2.jpg

photo 2 by tatefredlow, on Flickr

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They are notorious for failing. Nissan mechanics hate them. Nissan hates them.



I guess check the fuses, unplug and re plug in the dash gauges to the harness wiring to clean the contacts. If it's inside the gauge cluster this will be like fixing a laptop.


Research if you can swap a non digital cluster in. Visit HybridZ and see what they do about it.

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You may have some luck using Google. The digital dash went out in my uncle;s Buick. Others have had the same problem. Dealership wanted 600 to install new dash. . The digital display went out. Nothing but idiot lights would work. He asked me to look at it





It was easy to remove and here is the pyoblem as described on Google.....






Those were 150 ohm 1/8 watt resistors that overheat and burn away. Re[laced with 150 ohm 1/4 watt and the dash has been doing great.




I just piggybacked off other peoples work and troubleshooting skill. The cost to repair was less than 5 dollars plus a little work.


I do not have a clue if you can find your problem like I was able to on his car but you never know.

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