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New nl320 owner...clutch vibration?


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Think I got the throttle shaft figured out, it still wasn't running so smooth...just happened to grab the distributor cap, and it smoothed right out, let it go and rough idel came back. Popped off the cap to see what was going on....points were just barley opening, set gap, and played with timing, and air screw and became a different engine....now gonna renew all ignition consumables...any part numbers or parts sources (napa?) getting the hang of the shifting pattern on the colum, here is another dumb question....when down shifting into 1st gear, the sinc-rows will not allow you to get it in till it comes to a stop(no movement). I'm assuming that is just the way the trans works, 1st gear is really geared low, get some gear noise, nothing horrible, but when going down a incline it whines pretty good in first, about as loud as it is in reverse....assuming that's normal? Thanks again....will try and get some pic's of the truck out to you guys, I live in NW Pennsylvania, miles, and miles of beautiful mountain dirt roads, looking forward to putting some miles on the truck and seeing some cool places. I was impressed as to how good the heater worked....should have figured out what all the levers and pull switches do before driving the truck home after I bought it, that was one cold adventure getting home....truck I had never driven, in lots of traffic coming out of pittsburg...was very happy to pull into the driveway....looking forward to a lot of fun adventures in my 320. This truck is gonna be a driver, will be pretty much left alone(as to being stock) maybe some paint, but will try to keep it as stock as possible. Thanks again for the info....hotpad

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The gearbox has NO syncro in first gear.

I hardly ever have to use first gear and usually just take off in second.

Maybe starting uphill with a heavy load you may need 1st but you have to be stopped to engage it.


Don't forget to do a forum search for part numbers etc.

You will be able to find more info about points, filters etc.


Looking forward to any pics!

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