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New nl320 owner...clutch vibration?


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Hey, I've just purchased a 1964nl320, on the drive home I had a vibration, and seemed the clutch was slipping? Gonna replace clutch, any advice on clutch manufacturer? Throwout bushing? Am new to this vehicle...but have good feeling there is a lot of help here, truck was complete,unmolested,rust free...figured it was a great truck to restore, will be looking for parts, will be also looking for links to sources. I'm sure this will be an adventure, looking forward to meeting all you goo-roos,motor heads!

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Hi and welcome.


The vibration could be a number of things...


You will soon find the people on Ratsun are like nymphomaniacs about pictures.

Picturemaniacs if you like. They just can't get enough!


Here is the link on how it's done.



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Built in 1963


First sold and therefore titled as a 1964


Configuration that mine is.


I believe that the same scenario goes for 64 appearance - titled as a 65.

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Doesn't matter what the title says. What matters is which model year the truck is. They stamped the year on the engine compartment ID plate, however I've heard rumours that some were late-dated which is probably why the DOT mandated Compliance Plates with the month and year of build starting in 1968. And even so sometimes the State titles it wrong.

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Hey me again, sorry I haven't replied....was in Minnesota on vacation!!! No idea if clutch is original, it is a column shift, next issue...lol, carb idle adj screw is not where it should be, throttle shaft is moved out of place so as to not allow the screw to contact casting for an adjustment, sitting in mid air.....previous owner was into something he didn't know about, thinking weber? Any imput will be wonderful....it has stock carb on it now....thanks

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The throttle shaft is fixed be the butterflies so it can't shift sideways. It may be missing linkage.


Weber 32/36 can run OK on the 1.2 liter engine. Takes a lot of fiddling to get it right.

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I'm with ya on butterflies locating shaft in position, something is not correct in the additional stuff assembled onto external part of shaft, is there an exploded view of how and what is assembled to the throttle shaft? Thanks for responding....are these stock carburetors good? Are they serviceable, anybody that could refer me to a carb gooroo would be great, just learning this from scratch, but as you all know..."A MAN HAS GOT TO KNOW HIS LIMITATIONS" or it gets ugly and expensive real quick...lol

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