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my LED emblem


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I got inspired to make a light up hood emblem for my 240z after I saw serx93's brake light rear emblem.





I carved out the "Z" from a 280zx emblem with a dremmel bit, took me like 2 hours in Hughs garage lol (ill have some in process pics later) and put some plastic and LEDs behind it.



crappy pics but you get the idea lol.




i tryed to keep it as stock looking at first glance as possable.




Itl be wired up where my side markers used to be so it comes on with the lights.



Im hoping to get it mounted today and get some pics

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Just a stock 280Zx hood emblem with the Z carved out, some acrilic stencil plastic and two LEDs. I had to drill new holes in the hood for the emblem and the wire and "bowl" out part of the metal under the emblem to fit the wiring and LEDs. Then Ill just put some bullet connecters on and plug them into the existing wiring were the side markers where. Ill have some more pics of the install and stuff up later today.


Its ready to be mounted but i cant find the little plastic thing that holds the emblem on :eek:

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So i got it all mounted and wired up and found i should have put a resistor in :blink: so i fryed the LED's. had to tear it all apart and get new LED's and some resistors but its almost ready to be put back together and not burn up lol :D



heres a few in process pics









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very cool. I used a Z31 300ZX Z emblem when I did this years ago.

The back side just has some sort of paint on it and carefully sanded away the paint behind the Z. Then mounted a fogged piece of plexi and 2 standard bulbs. I raised the emblem off the hood with a ring so I didn't have to damage my hood.


The emblem was on there for years and then someone stole it when I was parked up in Seattle back in 2006.


I had a picture somewhere but I can't find it right now.

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it works correctly now :D


holes marked for the new emblem mounts.



drilling out the mount holes and hole for the wiring.



"bowled" out the hood behind the emblem to fit the LED's and wire.



off in the daylight.



on in the daylight.



on at night.


it looks all bubbly in the pics and vid but its just the camera


vid of the emblem coming on with the running/head lights


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