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Carb ajustment. jets


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Sooo... i started cleaning my carbs today. and i was like awwe man i need a flat head to get the jet holders out. so im like eh, lemme seee if i can finger spin them. So i try and they are not even screwed in. all of them are just laying on top of the threads. so im like WTF:blink:


So i tryed to screw them in but no luck, they just spin, i think maybe they are too long or something. Is this even a legit way to have them set up? could this be causing my problem of the car running like shiz after more than 20% throttle? because my jets can bounce around in there?


help :eek:

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to my knowledge the jets assuming we are talking about the same part should not be able to spin. They should be able to screw in and should be able to stop turning. if you can take a pic of what you are doing and post or send to me so I can see what you are going through. It is like I said in my past post and what had happened to me when the jets vibrate loose. it will cause the car to run bad. I bet this has something to do with your issues

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Call Troy 510-252-1001 he can help with jet size and tuning ( saw your post on the realm), best thing to do is have him dyno tune it, runs about $200 bucks plus jets well worth the money in my opinion. but he can get you close just by talking you through it



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