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1982 280ZX Parts for Sale

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Hey guys,


I have a 1982 280ZX for parts.:fu:


The car is complete and in running driving condition but is rusty to the point of not being safe.:eek:


The front struts/brake assemblies, the rear brakes, the transmission and the wheels are not available. I am keeping the muffler too. I am keeping them for my 510. The dash has been removed by the previous owner along with the seats.


All other parts are available. :cool: I have the car stored about 30 minutes away from where I live so I don't plan to get over there very often. Maybe once a week or less. If you are not in a big hurry, I can hook you up with some good parts at Ratsun prices. If you need them fast, plan on paying more.


Also keep in mind that my time is not free.:lol: If you want a part for $10 that takes an hour to pull, forget it. :confused: I highly value my free time as I don't get enough of it.



Let me know what you need.


Please email me with your requests as playing the PM game is a headache.


My Email is: qwik510@aol.com





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what is your location? I'm wondering if shipping items will be a factor.


I may be needing the 'talking lady' record box out of the rear hatch area. It just unplugs and I think has one screw.



That box is gone. The previous owner snagged it.

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This car needs to go.



All the following parts are gone:




Rear Diff and half shafts




Front Struts, brakes, and steering knuckles




Rear Brake calipers


Emergency Brake handle and cables










The Interior is pretty much gone. No Dash or gauges, no seats, all the plastic panels are trash.




Let me know if you need anything. I hate to send this car to the crusher without getting some of this stuff in the hands of other Datsun owners.


Here are some pics of the car:


These pics were taken when the car was parked in September.










This car is stored 30 minutes from my house and I do work so I do not get over there too much. Also, it is WINTER here so it may take some time to get parts pulled.


Email me at: qwik510@aol.com


If anyone wants to come and get the entire car, I will make you a great deal. The motor was running when it was parked, the car drove into the storage in September. good L28 motor.


Remember, if you want the whole car, it will need to be dragged onto a flatbed as it is sitting on blocks now and there are no wheels, struts, etc.

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