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Weber DGV 38 Trade for L-18

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I am looking for a Weber DGES 38/38. I have an L-18 that I just built up that I might be willing to trade for it. :eek:


Now before you say yeah right, This is what I need it for.......


I have a U67 head with a comp cam that I will be puting on my truck. The DGV 32/36 won't cut it I am sure. So I need the DGV 38 for a better breath....unless someone has a complete set of SUs/manifold? I would look at this too.


I will post pics of the l-18 later this morning with more details about the motor. I spent all day yesterday working on it and it is mostly complete with new bearings and gaskets etc...


I also have a ported 210 head for $25.00. :D

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Here are the pics I promised. Let me know if you want to trade. :cool: I will be getting an oil pan and valve cover to go with it. (Thanks Atom!)


Oh...and Thanks Mike for everything!!


l-18 crank case/pistons



l-18 piston from crank case



l-18 oil pickup




Working on l-18 bearings






l-18 finished sides





l-18 finished front



l-18 cam setting



This is the 210 head pics that is for sale for 25.00. I have the rocker arms and everything except lash pads.


210 head intakes



210 head valves



210 head front




Here is the monster cam and U67 head I will be putting on my truck once I get the bigger carb.


U67 head intakes



U67 comp cam lob


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Not sure, depends on if my 74 710 wagon sells or not. If it sells I could sell it cheap but if not I'd need it if I ever get it back together and running(if I dont use my Weber sidedrafts). Wanna buy a complete car and a bunch of parts?


lol...you probably would not want to pay shipping to Oregon. heheh :D


Thanks Mark...keep me posted.

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