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datsun 510 engine issue


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hello ratsun community,

I recently picked up a 72 4 door 510 and have run into some engine issues that I need help with. The l16 is bone stock with the exception of a weber 32/36. So for the first week I had it, it drove great with no problems but the other day when I started her up, it would bog out and die when I stepped on the gas pedal. it idles ok but it dies whenever you step on the gas pedal. It also seems to blow out white smoke when idling but I've checked the head gasket and it wasn't blown or anything. I have no idea where to look at next so please guys I need your help. 


Thanks guys,


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How did you check the head gasket?

was thinkn the same thing How you ck that.


ck the accel pump if its pumping gas when you cycle the linkage. Look in the carb and see if you see gas squirting on the stroke of the pedal or turning of the carb linkage.


GGzilla say fuel filter which is a possibility. so that cheap to swap out. 510 tanks are not usually dirty. save the filter and cut it open to ck if it is then think that dirt coul be in the carb bowl.


You ck the water level?

you ck the spark plugs. Do any look very clean looking?


intake bolts tight upper and lower as tha gasket there can crack or loose bolts the #2 &3 plugs could look clean. making it look like a head gasket.

is it over heating?


is it timed. You got a timming light?

Dizzy bolt loose and its out of time?


Your avatar says you have a 620 so you should be able to do all these cks already and know what to look for.

if not. Why get a car like this.


bookmark Olddatsuns.com the tech section is full of good info.


also a bog is soemtime on a weber the 2nd butterfly in back looses it spring to keep the 2nd barrel closed otherwise it can prematurley open thus causing a bog., but ck for the accel pump when cycleing the gas. Look for that squirt in the main barrel.

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The way to check for a head gasket leak is to hook up a vacuum gauge to the intake. If the needle bounces fast and erratically, then you have ether a sticking valve, or bad head gasket.


After you check the fuel filter, how about the choke?  Is it a manual choke?  Did you set it?  Is it working?

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OR, do a leak down test. Valves closed, piston at tdc, fill the cylinder full of air and look for bubbles in the rad. Or, if it's blown between two cylinders, listen for air going into the one next to it. However, water in the fuel will cause this, sounds goofy I know, but I have had it happen, some will get past the filter, the rest will clog it. The first thing I would check thought would be to see if the accelerator pump is shooting, if it is, then check to make sure your vac advance is working like it should.

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