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round port header on a square port u67 head?


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easyer said than done I thought it was fine to do but i musta had my facts mixed up and i just got done welding up my complete exhaust system for my goon im kinda pissed really:mad: my dumb ass fault though really. i do have a good w58 head dunno what would be easyer head swap or header swap??

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i know the square port header can be used on a round port head but not the other way around it would be easier and cheaper to get a square port header then a new head plus the square port allows for the most flow its the one that everyone wants is the header welded to the system? or is it flanged if its flanged you could keep the system and just swap headers when you find one or if you have the fab skills make one but thats alot of work

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does this mean you got it running


hell yea i got it running unfortunetley it sounds like a tractor with su's LOL thats the thing this header was made for a truck but has been modifyed to fit a l20 510 goon with a S bend to clear the steering so it' fully welded system. but i could just cut way down on the down pipe somewhere so i could patch in a different header. Ive been told the u67 head is the better out of all the heads to have so id kinda like to keep it attached. Anyone wanna trade a sqaure port header for a round port header to fit a 510??

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