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'82 720 - Wheel Specs


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Guys... Wanted to ask what specs to look for in aftermarket wheels for my '82 720. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the whole wheel and offset specs. Also... Are there any decent factory mags that would bolt onto the '82 - the 6-lug pattern - or do most 6-lugers get one of those 6-to5 lug adapters so that we have more wheel options? I really like old-school type mags - esp those that some Fords had with chrome fat spokes and with the balcked out centers - trying to find a pic of those - cant rem what models Ford used them on.



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OK - with my limited ability I think the specs should be 14"x5" with a 6x5.5" lug spacing. I can get some 6-to-5 adapters for $130/pr. The 5.5" lug spacing seems to be the killer for most American made wheels, or even old-school wheels as most are 4", 4.5" or 5" spacing. Will keep researching.


Oh... the wheels I like are called Magnum 500 wheels from Ford... I have a eye on a set of old-school 14x6 Keystones - if i can snag those for close to the bid of $30 + shipping for all 4 - I may invest in those adapters.



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Like I said... I am not the expert when it comes to wheels... Not that I want to keep them narrow - I jus dont want to purchase something from Ebay (which I use alot, cause I only have 1 place I could purchase wheels from, w/o driving 60 miles) - and then find they are too wide and be stuck with them.


Now that I know I should be OK with 6"-7" width - I can safely look for those. Maybe some 14x6 up front and 15x7 in back - at least I have a better idea of what to look for.



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If i can help, dont hestitate to ask. I was a manager at Americas Tire Co for about 3 years before comming to my senses, but during that time a learned a few things about tires, wheels and such.


Consider also, if you do any kind of staggered tire sizing (ie 15"rears, 14" fronts) you will not be able to properly rotate your tires, and will wear through your fronts much more quickly than the rears, plus you will have more incidence of tire cupping and possibly camber wear if your alignment isnt perfect.


Here's some more examples of wheels that can work:




I will be getting these myself:



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Thanks Slick for the offer of help... I am a bit more familiar with things now that I have done some research.


I din't think about the weight of those steel wheels... American Racing has another line that would fit - I think its part of their Vintage Series called Ansen Sprint wheels. I have a buddy that owns a body/paint shop - I could get him to paint the knock-outs black to give a bit of contrast like the Mag 500 wheels I like.






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I run 235-60-15s on early 60's chev p/u wheels w/trim rings & dogdishes. I really push the limits in regards to load capacity frequently(3060lbs steel all time record). Hard 2 find a14" tire tuff enough w/o buying LT14's which are expensive. Combination just about same curcumference as stock but larger contact patch. 60 series tires have stiffer sidewalls but not rock hard like 16s 17s on up.Never measured the offset of the wheels but think they are 6" wide. Biggest 15" tire I think u can use w/o rubbing on fenders or bed. I push my truck HARD and it really sticks...I climb gears and stuff the gas pedal every curve-turn I approach. Truck drives goofy if I get it too top heavy...could benefit installing sway bars. ..mine never had em. O by the way....@ 1800lbs in truck bed =2" rear suspension travel with coil over shocks on stock leaf pack.

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