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help identifying v6


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I bought a v6 from Eric Engines in Dallas which I can't identify. It is going into a 1986 D21 PU. Both engines have vg30 stamped on the back of the block, and everything I've transferred from the old engine to the new one has fit just fine, but the crankshaft diameter is larger on the new engine (1.26" vs about 1.0"). The new engine uses the flat microgroove belts and a timing belt with rounded cogs, while the original used vbelts and squared off cogs on the timing belt. One the new engine, the crank pulleys are cast in one piece with the crank pulley, while on the old engine they were bolted on to the harmonic balancer. I looked at a bunch of junkyard engines, but never found one with the large crank and v-belts, so I had a machine shop bore the old harmionic balancer out to fit the new crank, but i would really like to know what the new engine really is in case I need to order anything else in the future. The old engine has "597310A" by the VG30, while the new engine has "196192Y". The old engine used the throttle body Electro-Injection, which is what I'm putting on the new engine, and so far everything lines up after I replaced the water pump from the new engine, which had a longer snout, with a new one for the old engine. I want to replace the front and rear seals on the new engine, but am afraid to pull them until I'm sure what to buy to replace them with. Any suggestions?

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Its whats called a W-series VG, it was introduced to all nissans using the VG30 in april of 87. The only thing you might have problems with would be if you ever had to change the front seal or headgaskets. Other than that everything should work out pretty good. Everything still lines up good even with you modifying the pulley? I would look at the alignment of everything if I were you. peace.

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