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Datsun down

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So i am trying out some s/u's i bought a while back. And i lost the little copper fitting that holds the fuel line from the float to the carb.So after looking for it in the space between the boards on my back deck i have decide to just change that old ass line anyway.I was just wondering what can be done or where i could find some Quick

i know i could go to a local hardware store but i was thinking like a cute little braided line but the connection is the trick.

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went to lowes and home depot they dont have anything that small so i think iam going to put up a ad in parts wanted and try to find myself a good set of carbs. I have a lead on 1 set but i dont know when that going to happen i guess someone in the Tacoma area has some parts for sale and a buddy was going to hook me up. Yea it kind of pisses me off i bought my carbs off the forum they sid they were good what LIES those damn things leaked gas out off every possible place they could leak and all the fluid in the top leaked out of 1 so i will have to save them for parts i guess so thank you for all your help on this matter so if anyone reads this please let continue in parts wanted



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The gaskets are $2 ea from Z therapy. There are only 4 gaskets. It's very possible they are just dried out if the guy had them sitting around for a long time on a shelf or something. I question if the SU's you have are actually unusable.


You might save yourself some $$ by getting the gaskets and a few cans of carb cleaner. That's what I did with mine. Mikey got them running great!

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THEY LOOK PRETTY SHITY i wish i would have looked them over a little better in the first place i dont think i would have bought them but it was getting late and i wanted to get back home i had to drive down to portland to get them and then dude was an hour late i was tired and hungry and wanted the hell out of portland what pisses me off the most is i hooked that guy up with parts for his truck imean i gave this guy alot of good stuff and some cash so i would feel a little more comfy with a diffrent set i have intakes just looking for some good carbs please see parts wanted post or we can continue here

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If you can give me an exact size of copper washer that you need im sure i have what you want... im in spokane but will be in tacoma starting tomorrow for the next three weeks if you get back to me today i should be able to bring it with me... i have small amount of parts for Su but i dont have any of them and never have so im not to familiar with them

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My fellow SU brother, I hate to break this to you, but those are not Nissan Hitachi SUs, at all. Period.


ztherapy might be able to help, but it is likely you will need the help and technical assistance from a British/Volvo SU shop. I know of one: http://www.aptfast.com


The fabrication of the SU manifold is commendable, but, far from Nissan as well.


If you need some good shots of some Nissan SUs, hit me up, or check out this thread: http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=5347, 9th picture down.


I have only read about this conversion, never seen it before.


(edit) It would appear that these are more British than Swedish. Still HS-style carbs (lemme ask: is the opening at the front of the carb 1 1/2" (HS4) or 1 3/4" (HS6)??) The float bowl tops lean me to say MGB, but, once again, I am only basing this on pictures shown.

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Do it the right way and get in touch with Steve at ZTherapy.com,he is the SU guru.


i have a call into them no reply yet


Probably because it's the Labor Day Weekend. My guess they won't be answering any phones/emails until Tuesday.

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well damn i dont know what to say except iam feeling a little raw right now



:Dyea it sucks being an idiot and it cost alot of money too!!!


You didn't know. Don't beat yourself up over it. There are ways to make them work, just don't know how much it will cost. I am more than sure places like aptfast have rebuild kits, its a matter of calling them on Tuesday.


I always (always, always...) look for the Hitachi company logo whenever I deal with the fuel system on my Datsun. Thats as OEM from the manufacturere that you can get. Let me know if you need any help. :o

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seriously man like zerow said dont beat youreself up when first got my datto i ordered a clutch master for it and i get it look at it in the store thought it was an improvement went home then i looked a little closer it was a brake master cylender out of a nissan quest minivan:eek:



could just be me but it sounds like you might have a broken exhaust hanger do you have any pics of them camber plates? did you make them? if so how long did it take

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i not beating myself up i just want to drive my datsun it been like 2 months since i did more than a mile in it. i move it around the house a few times start it every other day and then it sits waiting to get beat on. i really want to beat the sob for not being what i consider a datsun guy. bbut hey we live and we learn well some of us do :lol:

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I bought my first 510 ('69 wagon, mklotz has it now) from a professed Datsun guy. There were warning signs all over the place, and I noticed them. I was without transportation and had limited cash flow. So, I bought it on the guys word about all the questions I asked. It was all little crap. That didn't stop it from barely making it home and not leaving the house running again in the as purchased form.


I've been a car/motorcycle guy since birth. The Dattos are different then what I was used to (in a great way). So, I had to learn them. That cost me the better part of a couple grand before it was said and done. I didn't have any forums or friends familiar with them at the time. So, I bought a lot of the basics at full retail to get it running. Once I did that I got it running good. Knowing what I know now, I can do the same for next to nothing in comparison.


Chalk it up to experience is what I did. I also fell in love with dattos in the process...

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lol yeah i know the feeling since the accedent i havent been able to drive my car eather (accedent was june 5th) im getting a rabbit radiator tuesday and ill be back on the road almost three months with no car:eek: im going nuts

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so i finnaly got some su's that work and a new cam:D.Now my rocker arms are hitting the retainer. are their diffrent retainers or did i get the wrong lash pads they dont even clear. :(shit idk. i will have to call isky has anyone had this problem be for(the lash caps)???


iam running the norris cam that has been passed around a 490 lift l think

new isky comp springs and retainers on a ported/matched U67 head.;)


My machinest said i need like a 260 lash pad do they make them that big:eek:

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i got new eveything springs, retainers, and pads.they told me it was the biggest lash pad they had. Iam waiting for a call back. lol. if it dosent work out i might have to buy their cam.. i hope not. with cam parts and head stud kit iam into it for more than i paid for the car. lol

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so i finally got the lashcaps.woot.get the head put together and i have no adjustment:mad:.So I need some Head savers or cam tower shims (you can call them what you want) dude tells me i need like .030. what i say so i get online. and i cant find any nla nla thats all i get..So iam driving down the road and see a machine shop.Wtf .I say i will see if i can get some shim stock and make some. He has the shim stock in .010 Then tells me to just stack 3 of them up to make clearance :eek::fu:.So then he asks me what i got and i tell him l20b blah blah blah.He looks up a# and starts for the phone make a big u trun walks bye me and opens up some cabnet. that probley hasent been open in 40 years. and pulls out a set of head savers and they were .030 :eek:holy shit the last set he had in the box $10 WOOT



So then i get home and whats that box on my kitchen table:confused:


Why its from summit i never ordered anything from summit i open it up and inside i find a ARP head stud set :eek::D


with a note that says.....LOVE MOM



so now iam all good this week end iam going to put it all back together and i will take lots of pics and vids


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regrind cams need bigger lash bads

New one That I notice dont need as big lash pads.

I went with the Nissan retainers as I bought a cam from Schneider their retainers were kust a little tall rimmed with the cam set up they gave me so I used a Delta regrind cam an but bigger lash pads to compensate.anout 190-200 range If I remember right


I latter used that Schneider cam with the nissan retaineras and about 160 lash pads


Nissan sell the retainers in different sizes so maybe th Isky and others only make one size set. Could always but the retainer on t adisk sander to lower the rim abit.


just make sure the rocker wear is in the center

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