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Click on my avatar.  That's my delete plate.  It has one plastic "stud" on the rear cracked, so a little creativity would be required.  By the way, as you will notice, the background is black and the horizontal stripes and border are silver.  How does the proposed supplier intend to take care of that?  If you can't find a 100% perfect specimen and the proposed source can explain how he can turn out a two color unit, get back to me and let's see what kind of hand off we can schedule.  I would insist on getting my original unit back as is.  I have kept every factory part [except for oil and air filters] that I have ever replaced including the original spark plug numbered harness and distributor cap because I realized this was a rare car when I bought it and wanted to be able to restore it as close to original factory condition as possible when the world came beating down my door.

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Tom my wagon has a beauty original radio delete plate. Just not sure how to get it off and a little worried about something happening to it What's the plan for it?


There are 2 sheet metal "speed nuts" for a better term holding the delete plate to the dashboard.  You should loosen the "Console" assembly holding the 3 knobs, drop it out of the way, and then carefully twist the sheet metal "speed nuts" off the plastic studs.  With luck the 47 year old plastic studs won't crack!


Good luck!  You WILL skin your knuckles.

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I have a radio delete plate in Aus that I'd be willing to let someone play with, although I dont particularly want to ship it to another country. If you can find a similar company in Australia (prefereably Adelaide) or let me know some details so I can search over here. Im happy to get someone to scan my original over here and get you a CAD drawing of it or possibly a replica that you can replicate from.


PM me some company details if you can.

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My mate has just bought a small CNC machine So I will be experimenting building myself a new plate. Will build out of hard plastic first, and then see if we can carve one out of Aluminium. He thinks it should work, just depends on how much I need to carve out.

Then its figuring out how to paint or chrome it up. If things work out well I will have the capabilities to build replicas. I'll let you know (might take a month or two)

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