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i need a header...

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Only possible reasons for 'needing' a header:


1/ have a 'done up' L16 pushing 150hp.


Reasons for 'wanting' a header:


1/ they are supposed to give you 10-15 extra hp.

2/ they have that distinctive 'header sound'.

3/ I have $159-200 laying around and the brake job can wait.

4/ they are shiny and friends are impressed.

5/ I have never had one and have never learned this lesson.


Reasons for putting the stock manifold back on:


1/ realistically only 5-6hp gain (maybe) at 6K RPMs and low speed torque suffered.

2/ very quickly got tired of 'that sound', now I enjoy driving and hearing my expensive stereo.

3/ header can't be seen with hood down, it's ok, it got rusty in 6 months anyway, and the gasket leaks and they are always loose.

4/ I paid $200 for this??? plus a weekend to put it on, plus cutting up my good stock system???


All I can say is, hang on to that stock manifold for later. If you find a used header for sale, why do you think it's for sale if they are so great?


Here's an older stock L16 exhaust manifold. Can't beat it with a stick. Good as a header and will never wear out, quiet, easy to install and it fits!!!


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Hey Mike I've got a header. So...uh.....headers rule..EH?


So Mike.....I heard a pole that was taken....They asked a french man what the head of the penis was for and the french man said to satisfy the woman....they asked an American man and he said it was to satisfy the man......they asked a Canandian and he said it was to keep his hand from slipping off when he was jacking off. :D


Peace my Canuck brother.....how is the 5 speed coming?


Sorry for hijacking the thread.....:lol:

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I like headers. For one,they take up less mass and are easy to work around. I like the sound and it never gets irritating like a cheap turbo muffler. I have run 2 different ones and never had one start leaking without hitting something(curb). I really do like the way they flow even though the stocker is still great too.

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Similar discussion on the Bluebirds mailing list. Bottom line: stock manifold better for normal street driving under 7000rpm.


I learned my lesson so long ago I can't even remember what vehicle it was. :cool:


I never forgot the experience.... 1978


I'll have one for sale in a week or so. Float me an offer! :D


:lol::lol: Another satisfied customer!

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You may loose a little bottom end but gain a bit of high RPM power with a header. For a stock engine not worth the bother and expense. But for anything with a cam and larger or multiple carbs, then the bother is well worth the investment. Like a very HOT high maintainence girl friend. Goes good when giving her 4 on the floor, but you have to give constant attention and put up with her 'noise' the rest of the time.

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for an L16/L18 in a 510. i saw one on craigs for a 620, but i heard somewhere that that would be too tall for my car :[




I have a black coated hooker super comp header for L16-L18 equal length with spacers welded onto the exhaust flange so you dont have to fight it on the install. It is in great shape. 90$ plus shipping.

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