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Gauging interest in an old Hardbody

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One of my co-workers will shortly be getting a newer truck (1996 S10) to replace his 1986 D21, which has performed its job but has seen better days. The truck runs, stops, passes emissions, and he has used it as a daily driver for at least the last 8 years (since he has worked here). I have no pictures, but the truck is rough- it had been at one time detailed out, as it has chrome 15x8 baby moons and vinyl graphics (in pink and teal, it's a plain white truck otherwise) on the sides, but it's been a work truck for at least 10-15 years and shows it. Most body panels are bent, the exterior door handles are broken, no rear bumper, front one is mangled, windshield cracked, etc. It's a Z24i with a 5-speed, nothing special.


I can get the truck super cheap, or he'll donate it to VOA or whomever. If there's interest I'll buy it to sell off if anyone wants it (it's absolutely driveable but the timing chain has been in "Death Rattle" stage for at least 5 years noisewise) or I may just buy it for parts. Of course I could probably get any local, uh, "landscaper" to buy it too.


As noted, I have no pictures, it's just a plain 2WD shortbed standard cab D21 in running 250,000 mile condition, and I'm just gauging if there's any interest. Truck is in the Bellevue/Newcastle area. I can get it for a couple hundred, tops- less than salvage.

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