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Show me your Tool............

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We have A pay and B pay work. 


Diag, warr, line work kind of stuff is A scale which is more. 

LOFs, brakes, alignments, tires, menu stuff is all B pay. 


My A work pay is about $7 more than my B. 

I can barely buy a meals from Quizno's on an hour of my B pay rate. 




I'd be doing great without the split scale pay. 

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jesus christ eric why the fuck am i paying a local machine shop to do the lz work for me .... i happily would drive that shit to lynwood to put money in your pocket ... nice fucking shit yo!!!!!!!


and as for the pricing scale at work here,   its w scale ... As in the woman takes it all and buys useless shit

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^^ I've got a brush set that's 1/4 that size.  Where did that one come from?



I got them from our Snap-On guy.....




But this is the set.........









Rifle cleaning brushes?



I think they would destroy a gun barrel......maybe not the plastic ones....


Just a bore cleaning kit..............

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What's that tool for the timing chain. I have seen it one time a can't Renner what it called. It keeps the spring tensor from popping out. And where can I buy it.


Do you mean the blue phallic?





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Best drop light I've ever used.........


Cordless......recharable Lithium-Ion.........and I added a magnet to it so it hangs under hoods.......
















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Do you like those Gearwrench flare nut wrenches?


They're not bad.......my 14mm has become a little wobbly.....annoying......don't know about their warranty.....I'll check on that....

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