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A buddy of mine sent these home with me today after his ex-wife told him to get his shit out of "her" shop building. He got them in the mid-1980s from the man who'd been awarded them when was a Chrysler service tech. He said some time about 1993 I had told them they were cool and he never forgot that.







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I bought mine from a tool truck vs Amazon just because I knew I would need the warranty. Going on 4 years, I have broken my 12/14 maybe 10 times. 8/10 a few.


I do not regret the purchase at all though. I also use them more than you will as you don't swing wrenches for pay anymore.



I use these many times throughout my day. I was hesitant buying them. Regret not buying them sooner. Go-to tool.

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I will NEVER ever buy anything made and called by the STANLEY name. 3/8 ratchet fell a foot and a half off the back seat to the driveway and flew apart. Couldn't even find all the parts. Fuckin' plastic container needs a bungee cord to hold together. Can't buy just metric so half of them I threw away in a drawer. They are BLACK and get fuckin' hot laying in the sun. The 14mm spanner (actually works but has been hit wrong by the stamping press that made it. That push button release is a fuckin' pain in the ass. Have to push the button to get the socket on... need two hands to do this.


Took the set back (missing the shitty never used SAE ) and was offered replacements. I said as long as they aren't STANLEY brand. I told the manager I was embarrassed for him and the store that sold this worthless crap. Got a refund for more than what I paid for the set



Just like fram.... STANLEY used to have some reputation. Now cranked out in some sweat shop in China. Just absolute garbage. If you are thinking of buying anything made by STANLEY turn around.


Don't buy Williams, Snap-On, SuperKrome, Blue-Point, or Craftsman, either then. All made by and owned by Stanley Tool Co.

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Don't buy Williams, Snap-On, SuperKrome, Blue-Point, or Craftsman, either then. All made by and owned by Stanley Tool Co.

Um...no. Post your proof.


Snap-On, Blue Point, and Williams are all owned by Snap-On.


SuperKrome/SK Tools is owned by Ideal Industries.


I'll give you Craftsman though. Had you included MAC in your list, I'd let you have that too.



Stanley owns a lot of tool brands. But you only got one correct.

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Years ago my son gave me two drills, a sawsall and a skillsaw and two battery packs. The problem was the charger didn't work and they simply took up space and I couldn't throw them out.. 3 weeks ago there was a sale at Home Depot, if you buy one charger with a battery you could pick any tool to go with it. So I picked the angle grinder. Now I have 2 drills, skilsaw, angle grinder, sawsall and 3 batteries with and a charger that works for Christmas. 👍

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I went through a couple of different versions until I got it working properly, a wet blaster.  There are a few gallons of water in the bottom of the hopper along with a few cups fine glass beads, that is pumped up to the cabinet by an old pool pump and 80 psi air pressure is added at the last moment before it exits the nozzle. Not as fast as dry bead blasting but no dust and much nicer finish, I set it up in the spring and use it when ever I have something that needs cleaning then drain it and put it in storage for the winter.  About $400 in parts with the stainless steel taking up most of that.








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