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Show me your Tool............

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Every one should own a rethread kit at a minimum.


Tap and die kit will be my next big purchase though.


Looking at this one from gearwrench...




Reason for this kit...Includes lots of bigger sizes. Most I will never use but it beats buying the small kit then still needing some 12 or 14 sizes that are only available in the bigger sizes set up.


And the price online is amazing vs. a smaller sizes kit from a truck.

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Until it doesn't. And repair is time consuming and half the cost of the ratchet.



Working without a tool you rely on costs you money.


Or am I just one of the few flat rate guys in here?



My next stall co worker has that ratchet. Broken more than it works.


I'll never buy one.

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New Snap On is junk!


I bought all of my Snap On stuff 25-30 years ago when the quality was markedly better.


I have a tiny 1/4 drive ratchet that ive done some stupid shit with and I just cant break it.


Mate recently couldnt undo a brake line with his new snap on brake spanner as the ends of the spanner kept flaring!


I grabbed my near 30 year old spanner (same design) and crack, undone came the nut.


You can even see the difference in the chroming.


And dont get me started on the price of their toolboxes. A mate has a snap on franchise and he wonders why I dont buy stuff off him.



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