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Ya ill prob do the light tint on the windscreen the very last thing, to not contaminate it, I'm going to do a foam headliner leather, one piece section, the foam part of it and shaving of it is gonna be pretty messy, the inside edge of the front and rear glass will have hand made frames to cover all the sheet metal. The black frame on the glass is uerathane brushed or sprayed on, then the bead of the same product glues to that surface

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All main looms are braided wrap with heat shrink ends to finish it up, all branch offs are also done in heat shrink. Then back to braided, and again with HS ends.

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Oh sorry MBT,

Ya it's Ferrari leather, solid and perforated, it was left over from a job my guy had. If you look back to the drawing on the aluminum door panel, the double angle is perf. With double stitch. The bottom is carpet all the way at the bottom, the rest is solid leather. I took the door panel all the way to the bottom of the door, cus some bozero cut holes for speakers. The headliner will be foam formed, with wood frames meeting the front and rear glass since I did the flush mount glass, then wrap it all in the same Leather. Going with Mercedes black carpet.

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