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My 71 521 originally came with 3 point belts but were in bad shape. I switched over to just a lap belt & never had any issues. But ill say this a 3 point belt is the smarter way to go especially if you get pulled over. & yeah...i did'nt double post & i used black as my font color... hope THATS ok ! {mr. P }

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Is that a two point or three point seatbelt in his hand... :eek:


'72 521, I would guess 2 point belts. My '73 610 had just lap belts, but the optional belts up high to make them three point belts. PITA to adjust between drivers. I am upgrading to the three point belts, so I wouldn't 'eat the wheel' like Datzenmike had said. You'll learn to love your upper teeth, just keep them in your mouth and not in your steering wheel. :D <-----(The upper teeth)

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I'd expect nothing less from you, although you did BOLD everything. :lol:


Here are the titles/subjects of delay_me's original posts:


Do I Need

Do I


Bug Work


Somebody Get It

just had to share this

if only


in serious need

in need of

o yes

Good Deal?

why not?

5 speed Trani


...and thus my bustin' his chops. 006.gif


well sir

you sure must love to be older and "wiser"

i should learn from you

sense your all knowing and all

sorry sir i apologize for my ignorance and postings with bad subject names

next time ill put my whole question int he subject hows that sound? good deal? it was just a question if you want to be a jerk about it go ahead but dont expect respect from me not like you expect anything from me.


...and thus my response to his bustin' my chops.:glare:

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3 pt came out on the late '71 521's....so the '72 should have the holes in the B pillar.


My 610 does, just in a slightly different spot than the '74 that I got my interior parts from. It was something like 10mm or so off, enough to be covered by the upper retractor.

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OK, simple answer. Is there a threaded insert in the upper cab sides about where Your left ear is when You are sitting behind the wheel? It would take a large 19mm bolt. If so, try to track some down. Now in early 620's there is a "slide-in" area on the lap belt where You can either connect the shoulder belt IF YOU DESIRE or forget about it. I don't know about 521's so I cann't accurately answer. I forget the cutoff year but I got pulled over in a 1981 Reliant K wagon and the first question out of the officer's mouth was "what year is this car?" It was OVER the cutoff year so I was issued a ticket. Check with Your state (easy to do) for the shoulder belt cutoff year. See how easy that was???? We're here to HELP others!!!

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I'm pretty sure the cut off year was pre-521. The '64 NL was not equipped with anything. I'd have to check my daughter's '68 521 to be sure.


The bolt for the hole should be a 3/8" fine(24tpi) grade 8 or higher bolt.


Mike, didn't you drill out a pre shoulder belt 521 B pillar and find a nut cert back there? I thought the first time I came down to your place you showed me what was left of the B pillar and the amazing hidden nut :D hehe I have had a few 521's, I always take out the shoulder belt, that way you don't even have to wear seat belts haha Not that its a good idea or anything. My 620 has really nice shoulder belts. The rest of my cars don't have much in the seat belt department...

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The PO of my 71 521 installed the 2 point seat belts over the shoulder, he drilled a nasty whole right under the rear window.I asked why he did that, and told me that once he got pulled over and asked to installed a 3 point belt.


I put them back on my lap, sometimes I even forget to wear it. haven't got pulled for it yet.


My dad has been pulled over twice in it, and they didn't even notice or made a comment about it, he doesn't like to wear them.

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Jeff, the B pillars you saw were left over from a '72 521. I've always wondered if they are behind the stamping on Paula's early '70, but the position is too high anyway. When I put 3pt belts in hers, they will go in lower than the stock position.


The belts in a '78 LUV have a nice drop down for the shoulder belt. Should work nice in a 521.

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seeing that the 620 came out in 72 also i dont see that many 72 521"s (not sure how many were made) more so i see the 71's. the 3 point seat belt's are kinda hard to find. problem is that they dont retract.:mad: there was a killer write up on a 3 point added to a non 3 point on the nwde forum. i'll try to find it and post it later. no hidden nuts behind the pillars.


mike i've never seen a late 71 with a 3 point belt. are we talking built in late 71 or titled in late 71?

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The '72 PL521 came with a non-retractable shoulder belt that fastened to the B pillar and clipped into the lapbelt insert. Not the most comfortable belt I ever used, but functional. Just hard to adjust. Not a problem for me since I was usually the only driver of the truck.


Bought it new in Feb 1972 and kept it until Dec 2006.

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The cutoff date based on FMVSS 208 (393.93(B)(2)) is all trucks manufactured on or after July 1, 1971 are required to have Type 2 seatbelts (lap and shoulder). Trucks manufactured between January 1, 1965-June 30, 1971 are required to have either type 1 or Type 2 seatbelts.


(Type 1 is lap belt only)

(Type 2 is a combination lap/shoulder belt)

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Here's info from a prior post on my seatbelt conversion on my 72 521:


I was busy this weekend on the truck. It needed new seatbelts so my 10 year old daughter can ride in it. It is a late 1972 so it already had the mounting points for 3 point belts but it had a set of mismatched belts in it, a retractable on the driver side and a non-retractable on the passenger side. I used the retractable portion of the belts from a Dodge Caravan and the receivers from a Dodge car of some sort. Everything fit great and they work great too.

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