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That very well could be a 69 with a swapped dash. 69 taillights are the same as 70+ taillights... youd have to look at the corner markers, but they look shaved. If I saw a picture of the front apron I could tell you what year. Some people just prefer the 70+ dashes.


Looks like it has fresh everything. Motor would have to run well, and there be no hidden rust under the fresh paint. Id need to get some additional details on it, but $5000 wouldny be a bad price IMHO.

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HA!!! There trippin on the price for the price of the one in LA, you could get one swapped and a lot better looking for that price. I'd offer 4-4.5k at the most. There's a ton in SoCal man just keep looking.

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Think I should take up the offer ?


Its at least worth the look. San Fran is a far drive from Redondo. Id try to contact a Bay Area member first and see if they would go check it out in person. Would hate to see you make the journey all the way up there to find a ton of hidden rust or something similar. 


Id be interested in it for $5K if its as nice as the ad alludes. 

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This kinda reaks of a paint it flip it car. Replace the easy stuff that's gone to shit (seats, wheels, steering wheel), then sell it. The gauges kinda don't fit my theory though. Why would someone install all performance gauges, but run the stock L16? If the 16 is beast, then maybe this car was driven. Alternately, he coulda blown the L20, Or other easy swap, and decided he was over it. Put the ol 16 back in for the sale. You should get the story, and if you catch a lie, walk away cause there is something else hiding under that pretty paint. If the seller is genuine, and you like the car, go for it. Price is fine. It's not a steal of a deal, but its fine. If you but $500 on paint, $1000 on wheels and tires, and some seats for another $400, you are looking at a 510 for 5K. Unfortunately, I don't like the seats, rims or wheel. So I'd need to add the cost of stocks to that tag.


Bottom line, you are on Ratsun. So buy it and get choppin.

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Don't take the first deal that pops up. Do research. Find out how much parts cost. I jumped in and could have gotten burned very badly because I took the first deal I was offered. You live in the land of Datsun. There are a lot in your area. Learn more about these cars and what sort of things people do to them before you start dropping thousands of dollars. Your 7k can get you an extremely well put together car with several nice touches.

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when do you need a 510 ? if you need one 2maro sure it looks great for 5k ...


but if you want the car to have "your" personality i would find a strong runner for half that price not as pretty YET and make it your own with the other half of the monies.. shit i think James'  pinky and the brain 510 is almost done?


but it does look to be at a decent spot to start to make it your own... 2k into susp. and motor rebuild?

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Tristin think I should go for it? How much would it cost to fix it up you think?

It depends on what you want to do with it. If you like the ratty look then this is for you. If you want a nice paint job thats at least 5k. Then you add parts like the windshield, etc. At the same time I agree with tristin that with work this would be your nicest option.
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Like I stated before paint is 5k. A windshield will be about 200-300 (I have one if you buy this car). Im sure you can find some dash parts but they wont be that cheap. And bumpers are very expensive if they are in good shape. I dont know how he can be firm on a non drivable car... damn jay leno effect. You can save money by prepping it for paint yourself but thats a long and tedious process.

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While it's the best deal youve showed us so far it still isnt that great. To find all the trim for a 1969 510 will be a bitch. My former boss would let his complete 1969 510 go for around that price and all you would need to do is clean it up. It does need a floor pan though. And some body work. 

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For price vs. condition/parts, this is the best deal youve posted so far in this thread. 

I disagree by the time hes done getting it all together and running he could be 5k into it without body and paint. the freshly painted one runs and drives and looks good id ask for more detailed pics to see how the body is but if you can get it for 5k it would be the best deal you have posted

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