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Datsun BBQ......

Busta Nut

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Looks like a good time!




I'll probably be down again in September. If I have time I'll drop in an shoot the shit.

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OK folks......let's start this up again....too busy for fun the past few months......




October 22nd.......let's BBQ!!!!!



Hope to see some people again and meet some people for the first time....... :excl:  :excl:  :excl:

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About time......



Yeah yeah....I know....... :lol:


Antony sighting!


Wuttup yo!!



I'll probably miss this by 1 day.. not sure yet.


Wutcheytawkinbout willis :confused:


........another bay area visit??

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I hope my 510 and I can make this!

SR party!! it looks like you have it under control, but my offer stands, let me know if you need help.

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Wutcheytawkinbout willis :confused:


........another bay area visit??


I am thinking, yes. Just not sure of the exact date.. I'm guessing the 21st though, then down to LA for the weekend.

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