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(INSOMNIACS) balls deep.

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...Deeez nuuuutz!!!!!!!




Literally. I need to find out which ride they go on to!



Now thats some funny shit right there!


Wallet, Bimmer keys, pocket knife, phone, and usually a bottle cap for a glass bottle or two

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Wallet, phone, keys, leatherman squirt, larger pocket knife (HK usually but varies), lighter (types vary), pen.

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Looks like two people sitting back to back to me,, look at the eyes,, shouldn't they be pointing in opposite directions.. looks like mother daughter.








Bubbles ,, i am here to bust them





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Quite probable, weve got close to the worlds biggest collection of poisonous spiders and snakes down here.


Red back spiders and brown snakes being two of the nasties.

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