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uh...z32 might be wider than a 411...


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Remember that among its many source requirements was that the 410 and 411 should be narrow enough [less than 1.5 meters] to fit down those impossibly narrow back streets in Japanese cities. This also made it the first choice among independent taxi drivers clustered around the train stations on a stormy night. Corporate drivers were limited to car makers associated with their parent corporation [Daibatsu] structure. You wouldn't believe how fast a 411 can go and still make a 90 degree turn on a street intersection that's less than 6 feet wide. This influenced the rear axle width and wheel offsetsto a major degree.


The main reason I was given for picking Datsun by taxi drivers was "Good car! Strong engine! Never break!"

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i woulda cut the whole truck in half and made it about 8" wider, then added some small tastefull flares. my buddy did that witha volvo, he made it 10" wider, looked super sick. just cut the frame in half, add new x-members, then start with the body, the box would be easy, same as the hood, but the cab is the hard part.

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alright, I got the fixture made for shortening the subframe. took 2 hours and the unlimited supply closet at work. :lol:


I will be narrowing the subframe itself next week. and I should have pics up by friday if everything goes smooth. I decided to try and avoid flares, but if I have to do them, we have some material at work that will be perfect.


The next and most scary part of the project is the axles. Cutting and welding axles will take some creative thinking to keep them from snapping on the first launch.

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Just a thought about the axles...


Maybe instead of cutting and welding those axles, you could find something from a different car that would be closer to the right length. It might require modification of the joints at the ends, but that would probably be stronger than cutting and welding.


Would axle shafts from a small FWD car work?

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